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Hello world!
I am the newest newbie! for an introduction, I thought I'd pass on the bio I sent Admin Rich Durman when I was signing in:

My name is Tom MacIntyre and I'm a freelance graphic designer.
I am 62 years old, semi retired, and live in Rohnert Park Ca. with my Dog Loki and Pywacket the cat.
I received a BS in Graphic Design from Full Sail university which is located in Winter Park FL.
I enjoy fantasy RPG gaming, Oakland Athletics baseball, Raider Football, as well as card and board games of all kinds.
Now that I'm "officially" retired, I spend my time designing RPG game modulus and supplements. I have recently turned my talents to board and card game design.
Currently, I'm working on two board games:
Orion's Spur, a strategic game of interstellar battle which is currently in the design phase.
Spiralized, a hit and run family game that I want to start playtesting. It was while I was looking for potential play testers on the 'net when I came across this forum.

You can contact me at;
Tom MacIntyre

brwiz@sbcglobal or

on Facebook

at my website:


Fantasy by Design
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Joined: 07/26/2015
Nice Username

Nice site. is the complete address
Welcome to the forums.

About this forum, people here are very helpful, and some older users are really quite knowledgeable about stuff in general, but most people have more games than playtesters. Thus, you get more critiques and advice, than people to actually play your game.

Welcome once again!

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