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New to BGDF from Colorado

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Hello fellow designers and gamers! I am a board game player and aspiring designer from Colorado who is hoping to gain some insight into the design and prototyping process. My philosophy is that a good board (or card) game should be easy to learn but hard to master, the rules should be quick and to the point laying out the basics of gameplay but the real depth of the game should be in the components and the ways in which they "break" the rules. This allows players to develop a variety of strategies and customizations that increase the replayability of the game a hundred-fold. I also feel that a game should be designed with a balanced amount of luck and player strategy, too much luck and the strategy ends up getting undermined, too much strategy and the game can become bland and uneventful. These are the types of games I love to play and enjoy designing the most. I cant wait to start learning from and contributing to the forums!

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Welcome to the board, and, if you just moved, to Colorado! Nice mild winter we're having, huh?
I've been learning a lot about game design myself while here, and its been helping in my own developments even while I was working at Fantasy Flight Games. If you're on my nickname is mondayshero there too. Good luck with your designs!

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Welcome to BGDF...I'm sure

Welcome to BGDF...I'm sure you'll find a wealth of information and ideas here to help you along the way.'s picture
Joined: 03/08/2012
Welcome! I'm happy to help

Welcome! I'm happy to help with design if you need, but I'm new to the forums myself. Happy gaming!

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