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New to board game design, new to BGDF!!

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Hi guys and gals,
My name is Daniel and I come from Bolton in the UK. I have recently started making my first board game, not something I have ever considered before...
But one night I couldn't sleep and then the idea just hit me!

So now I spend many an hour trying new ideas and attempting to create the game to an acceptable standard. I think (apart from DIY being low on my skill set) getting the mechanics of games to work will be my biggest challenge. You know, balancing card decks and setting game rules that will prove challenging but fun..

But so far it has been an enjoyable ride and I hope to learn much from BGDF.
Thanks for having me.


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Hello Even the best of us


Even the best of us were not always great designers. It’s a learning process. What is difficult now will become more intuitive later with practice. The key is to be open to changing the ways you approach design and be willing to be criticized. Through the examination of the criticism we receive we better our designs and skills.

Welcome aboard

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Hi, Daniel!

I'm new here myself...and working on my first gameboard as well!

Like you, I have had many sleepless nights when ideas are just rambling around in my brain!

And then I'll get a really good idea that I'm afraid that I'll forget it by morning! I've started keeping a notepad close by!

What is the theme of your game?

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Joined: 03/08/2012
Thanks for the welcome!

Thanks for the welcome!

The game is based on a hexagonal tile board (made up of sections with tiles within) and is a warfare 2 player game, building your squad by gathering resources for improvements and then attacking your opponent. There are other elements such as dice rolling for specific card decks (creating an amount of luck to be had as well as the skill side) and a very basic attack/defence system.
It is all very basic so far but I will be putting up pictures and more information in the relevant forum and asking for help with improving this.

Since starting this game, I have already has another idea but one step at a time....

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