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New to Design, Not to Nerdum

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Joined: 12/13/2012

Hey everyone, First off I just wanted to say its great that there is a community that exsist for Game Designers (Both Flecthing and Pro) to come together and talk about the love of Design. I've been board gaming all of my life. From Tabletop RPGS to just plain ole Hungry-Hungry Hippos. Board gaming for me has always ment spending time with either like minded individuals to just family, and having fun. I as a hobbyist (With the hope of becoming a Designer) had the pleasure to work for a war gaming company in sales, and always wanted to find a way to become a designer.

Much like others, I would imagine that alot of folks who have played games with "Design Rules" already available in RPG games, is where I started since middle school. I've had much experience with this style of design, but have decided to break free from those chains and started my own dungeon crawler board game. My inspiration came from

This game some insight into basic design, and now having taught myself D6 probabilities and the importance of theme and mechanics having to be parrallel, I have a new found appreciation for homebrewed design. My hope to being apart of this community is to both have support from seasoned designers and a community not afraid to share the appreciation for games!

With time given (Currently I'm in Mechanic design, and have done some barebones playtest) I will discuss my own project, and happily look forward to any feedback (Both from start of process to finish) so I can see this become a reality. Thanks again for add to the group.


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