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New designer in the house!

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Joined: 01/22/2012

Greetings and Salutations fellow designers!

My, name's Tom, and im 31, from Texas. I've spent the last year recovering from a double cornea transplant surgery (both eyes) and during my long downtime (which could continue for another year) i've taken to game design as a way to keep my brain running in the right direction since I can't really get out to play games myself.

My background in games is pretty diverse. I have a healthy stock of MB games, as well as some fun family games (Apples to Apples, Munchkin, to name a few). I also play Warhammer 40k, Malifeaux, CBT, Mechwarrior: AoD, Flintloque, Flames of War, Warmahordes. Pirates, I've also dabbled with card games like Magic, The old Decipher Star Wars CCG and a few others I cant remember.

I'm primarily here to help myself vette game design theories, as I'm not a math genius, and have come into issue on trying to design a reliable paradyme for designing units.

The game I am currently working on is a table top strategy game, involving miniatures w/ stat cards (ala Warmahordes) but set in a more realistic timeframe, with a historic, yet steampunk twist.

As for why I joined this site, well, it happened to be the only reliable source/community for game design, and I figured it would be a great launching point for helping to further solidify my ideas and turn what I see in my head into an actual product that I can market.

So far in theory, I have pitched the idea to a few local independent publishers, and all have generally a positive reaction, but would like to see an actual product for testing, so that was my impetus to seek out assistance.

I'm still attempting to write out the basic rules outline, but have most of the mechanics covered. The only one i'm having severe trouble with, is a damage system. Warmahordes utilizes hit boxes that palyers mark as the unit takes damage, while other games use tokens, or dice. I would like to shy away from both if possible, but thats where i've hit a mental road block of sorts.

Either way, I look forward to talking with anyone here thats willing and totally stoked about meeting other people that share the goal of getting a game published.



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