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New to forum - introduction

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This is just an introduction post to tell you a little bit about what brought me here. I play a lot of games from ASL to X-wing Miniatures to Forbidden Island to Dungeoneer to plenty in between. I don't have all the games I would like to own and play, but then again, who does? I designed a game some twenty years ago when I was in my early twenties. It was a roll the dice, move your character (a-la Talisman) style game. Each player had a character, they all had different abilities and had to kill each other off. The game was called Assassin, you get the idea. It was quite fun as you could earn money to buy different weapons, body armour, transport and other things to help you along the way. It had 'event' cards that were played to steer the game one way or another and keep things interesting. I made up the board and all the cards etc to make it completely playable, had a full rule set and friends of mine actually play tested it a few times and could generally work out how to play without my help. Anyway, things moved on, it got forgotten about and now I don't think I can get to my rules anymore as they were saved onto a 5 1/4 floppy disc... hmmm.

I'm currently working on a new game themed around spaceships battling it out on a hex board. I've worked out basic movement and ship types, which will be small, medium and large. Small ships are maneuverable but not particularly tough, large ships are tough but take a while to get started and medium are somewhere in between. I'm thinking of having ship card trackers to keep a record of hits received, which shields/hull got hit, crew members and other upgrades it may be equipped with.

I've also started to design a combat resolution system that is a bit different to the ubiquitous CRT. Essentially I would like to use a 'to-hit' dice which indicates which and how many weapons are successfully fired, then roll different dice to obtain a damage result/effect. The defender would then roll to negate those hits as much as possible. There would also be cards involved to influence battle outcomes eg cancelling hit dice, increasing shields etc. It's still very much a work in progress with nothing set in stone, but I'm having fun at least.

I look forward to trawling through the forum for ideas and advice, from what little I've seen so far there seems to be a lot of experience here and lots of helpful people.

Cheers, Squire.

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Hi Squirejames359 and welcome to the BGDF.

Your comments about games on 5 1/4 floppy disks reminds me of one of my first board games that I designed. I wrote it and the expansion rules out & then printed those rules out (on a dot matrix printer, that's how long ago this was). For years, I would always know where only one of three parts of the game were: The rules, the expansion rules or the game board and it's pieces. The other two parts were always missing. I would know where, for instance, the expansion rules were but not the main rules or the pieces. I would find the pieces but then forget where the expansion rules went.

At the moment, I know where the main rules are (I think, I haven't checked in years...) but not the expansion rules or the game board is.

At any rate, don't forget to have fun when designing a board game.

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