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New to the Forum (kind of)

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Joined: 04/13/2011

Although I have made one or two posts I still consider myself new to the Forum. We'll just pretend this is my introduction post.
I have been designing board and card games for three years now. If you're interested, the rules to a game I made are on It's called Second the Best and uses a standard deck of cards. Let me know what you think.
I have 4 board games that I've worked on a long time and they are ready to show to publishers, but I'm not sure how to go about doing that. I also need blind playtesting so if you are willing to test one of my games out for me that would rock. It would rock even more if you are in the Baltimore/DC area so I wouldn't have to mail it to you.
My games are:
Space Shipping (a simultaneous play resource collection game)
Companies Incorporated (a card drafting game I started working on before 7 Wonders came out)
Ancient Greece (a bidding game still looking for a name)
Traveling Salesmen (a cost minimizing game)

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