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New guy from Finland

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Greetings to you all!

My name is Sammeli, but please call me Drayst.

I found this place by accident when I was trying to figure out more about creating a boardgame and getting it out to the real world.

Some background info:
I'm not your regular boardgame enthusiastic, but I love a good game with good friends as the next bloke.

I have done one boardgame named "Quantum" which was functional but people say it was very very very boring and by people I mean my friends, girlfriend (wife now) and the publisher :( Well it was basicly new Othello, tic-tac-toe game, but maybe someday it will get better rulebook that'l make it all more fun.

Next game idea I had was about finnish "Kela" – The Social Insurance Institution of Finland.
That place is literally a paper hell if you try to get something from there :D
Friends liked the idea but the first publisher where I sent the idea (just the idea) wrote back that he was laughing out loud (I bet he fell from the chair by laughing so hard ;) ). In away he kinda liked the idea but they didn't see it would be a international game.
So the "Kela"-game is put on ice for now (it might come back)

Now my latest game which is in playable prototype testing is something I'm getting very proud of.
I wont speak much about it untill I have had more people to test it out and get more results what needs to be tweaked.
Small hint I can give you now: my picture contains just one of the horrors you will face in the game.

Wow I tought that my first post here would have been shorter.
Thank you all in advance for all the information there allready is and will be.

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Welcome! It seems your Kela


It seems your Kela game suffers from improper theming but is interesting mechanics-wise... Maybe you should consider making it more broad-themed? Bureaucracy is a universal plight in the modern world and why don't you do a bit of research and make the game more appealing to non-finns?

Hmm... "Paper Hell" or "Red-tape madness" or "Bureocratic wars"... or even "Show me the Money!" - do you think your game could be rethemed along these lines?

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Joined: 07/20/2012
Good suggestions!

Hi and thanks for giving fresh eyes on the subject.

The "Red-tape madness" tittle gave me a good laugh in a very nice way.. you know the one that tickles inside your belly and the brain at the same time.

Answer to your question is "yes". Yes the game can be rethemed (I have never used that word before) even tought I have wondered should I take my current game and make a Doctor Who speacial theme if the game success.

I just might give the Kela game another go to see if it is playable and fun.


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