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New Guy Here.

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Joined: 11/05/2016

Hi all
My name is Martin.
I play a lot of old board games with my brothers, Chartbusters, Careers, cabbie, Kingmaker and many more
We also play a lot of Texas Holdem Poker.
I made a Texas Holdem Poker board game for a bit of fun, 5 years ago.
We have been playing it for 5 years and only made a few small changes.
I did send a copy of it to a publisher around 4 years ago.
Never got a reply.
Can’t remember who I send it to now.
My brothers think I should have another go at publishing it.
But I have no idea of going about it.

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Hi Martin, welcome aboard!

Wow, Kingmaker! I played that a couple of times in the 90's, and would like to try it again one day as I remember it having some interesting features.

So what makes your Hold'em game into a board game rather than just poker?


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You should make contact FIRST

I don't know what "protocol" you followed, but normally you find out the submission e-mail for a publisher, contact them by e-mail giving a brief synopsis about your game and maybe providing a "sell sheet" or a picture of the board or play area.

Then they should respond if they are interested in "reading more". At this point in time, you should send them a soft-copy of your rulebook. In your case HOW you use the board to play the game.

If from that point they are still interested, they will ask you to submit a prototype of your game. They will probably playtest it and determine if they want to publish your game or not.

What comes next is a contract with the terms of the publishing deal.

This is the NORMAL protocol that should be followed...

Best of luck with your game!

Joined: 11/05/2016
You can still other players

You can steal other players cards and even change one of the flop cards.
Also lots of other things you can do.
There are 2 game you can play pineapple poker or Texas Holdem Poker and both games have 2 ways to play.
1st is a family game where everyone gets a pay out depends on how good their hands are and Pro game where only the best hand wins.
So I guess it's 4 games in 1.

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