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New here!

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Hello all,

I am an aspiring publisher here looking for Game designers. I have funding and an artist, also I am a graphic designer of 11 years.

Here is what I posted on BGG, maybe I will have better luck here:

I am currently looking for a designer that would be interested in a CoOp board game. I have an artist, I am a graphic designer of 11 years, and I have funding and would be happy to pay for a good design.

The theme is based on the takeover of America. The government has been overrun by a secret society and has taken control of everything(think Winter Soldier) Americans are being enslaved and they must rise up to take America back. They have less resources, less people, but they have the will to win or die defending their home.

-I would like it to be turn based with a set number of actions
-Include moving between major American cities
-I would like to keep the number of pieces low as well
-I am obsessed with the planning phase in Pandemic and Zombicide, the ability to plan ahead is what I am looking for.
-I prefer it to be very tough, but beatable
-A mechanic that I would like to have also is a struggle to win the hearts of average citizens. Imagine the cities have a set number of citizens and they can be converted by the New Government or they can be inspired to join the resistance to add to your resources.
-Complexity needs to be rather simple, maybe a 3 or 4 page rule book.
-Play time about 1.5 to 2 hours
-Target audience is non-gamers, I have a brand new audience to take this theme to, so it needs to be easy enough for them to learn.
-As for my timetable I was wanting to have something closed to finished by October, but that was 6 months ago. There are no major deadlines I am just ready to go, I work from home and this is all I will be working on. So the sooner the better.
-As for publication I am new to the industry so I would be looking for some guidance there, but I am certainly familiar with the print industry so getting the game made is not a concern.

I know my target audience/market. I have been working on viral marketing ideas and will be buying ads on major websites, and using FB, Twitter, and of course Kickstarter. I wouldn't dream of jumping into a small pond with a bunch of giant fish, I am leaving this crowded pond and moving to the ocean.

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