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New here, introducing myself

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I found this site after googling "board games forum". I have recently been
getting into board games again after a long hiatus. I think part of it is because
my kids are finally at ages (6-8) where they can play some games with me
and really have some fun.

Currently I'm working on my first DIY game, based a lot on the original "Dungeon!"
but with my own spin on it and all my own artwork. I'll post a project thread
on it separately.

I've been a gamer of some sorts for many years but designing my own is a new

Past interests / things about myself:
- child of the '70's.
- Board games I remember from growing up: Monopoly, Risk, Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers,
Chinese Chess, Life, Stratego, Connect 4, Dungeon Quest (v1)
- Other games -- Played 1e D&D for awhile back in the 80s but never had my own set.
- Recently rekindling an interest in D&D w/ the 4e rules and Pathfinder rules
- Computer gamer -- really heavy into it during the late 90's; hate FPS's b/c they make me sick
- Recently more of a console gamer, but have a small collection
- Built my own arcade cabinet to play classics; converted and built 3 more as well
- Love toys -- mostly collect GI Joe and Transformers but open to a lot.
- Customize a lot of toys incl. painting and sculpting miniatures (hope it helps in making game pieces later)

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Welcome to BGDF Redesigning

Welcome to BGDF

Redesigning old games is a good way to get your feet wet. Many people have gotten start by creating variant of their favorite games eventually moving on to design games from the ground up.

I think i saw your Dungeon rework at BGG. It looked good.

Joined: 03/07/2012
Thanks! I just put images up

I just put images up on my BGG forum topic for my Dungeon remake,
to allow anyone to print-n-play and give feedback:

BGG: Arena - a Dungeon! Remake

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