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Hi, my name is Nate and I love game design. I have joined the forum because I have too many ideas and no ability to finish a project.. I'm hoping being on here will give me the kick to task and finish (which is not my style).
If anyone wants to know more, and I doubt they do, they only have to ask.

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Welcome to the BGDF

Welcome to the BGDF

Your problem is a common one. I do manage to finish games but also have a long list of unfinished designs as well.

It's easy for me to come up with ideas for new games, get them prototyped, tested, etc... but for me it's always that last 10% that is the hardest. I think sometimes you just have push yourself into it even when you would rather be working on that great new idea you came up with.

So what are you working on now and what is stopping you from finishing it?

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