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Ritual greetings!

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Joined: 08/21/2015

Hello everyone

My brother, known here as Midnight Carnival, suggested that I join this forum, as I share his interest in game design. I am an engineer by profession, so it is just a hobby for me, abeit one which I have engaged in (or at least attempted) since childhood. I started out wanting to design abstract strategy games (I still really like them) and simplified wargames but recently I've tended more towards trying to create euro-style games, which I've enjoyed playing since discovering them some years ago. My favourite game themes are science-fiction and historical; usually with a significant military aspect. I'm currently working on a space-warfare themed tile-laying game (in advanced stages of play-testing), a medieval-themed castle-building game offering alternative military or economic victory criteria, and armoured-warfare themed card game (both still works in progress) and I will be looking for an entry-point into WWII naval wargaming at some point in the future.

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