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TuscanSun Introduction

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Joined: 02/11/2015

Hi there,

My name is Trevor. I go by TuscanSun on forums, but feel free to use whichever you're comfortable with.

I've always loved board games, and remember as a little kid putting together boards and pieces from every other game to make my own. It wasn't until my boss told me he patented and was going to publish a game that I realized that anyone could make games. And recently my friends and I have been plowing through all sorts of board games we've always wanted to play.

I'm not really too serious about it as a hobby, I'm just looking to make a few games to play with my friends and to share with the people on here. It's a really good creative outlet for me and I've enjoyed working through my ideas so far. Currently I'm working on a little card game based on concealed information and memory skills, sort of like Love Letter meets a cup and ball game.

I'm really interested in card games, compact games, and easy to learn games. I also LOVE anything with a beautiful minimalist styling. If you know any games like what I described, PLEASE tell me about them! I guess either link them below or message me? I'm not sure, whatever works.

Also, if you have a Print and Play card game that's nice and simple, or a minimalist styled game, I would definitely play it with my friends. We get together a lot to play games, so again tell me about it!

I already have a TON of questions about my game I'm dying to get answered, but I want to dip my feet in and feel the water around here first. From what I've read and everything from stalking these forums for a few days, everyone seems really nice and it's a real community here. I just hope to be a part of it and learn some stuff along the way!

Joined: 01/23/2015
Hey Trevor, glad you found

Hey Trevor,

glad you found the bgdf, welcome! I hope you find the answers and inspiration here that you are looking for and can give the same things back to other seeking designers.


Josh 'Dagar'

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