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Brand new Update for Dymino Monsters

Dymino Monsters Keys

Dymino Monsters Keys prototype card deck complete. Now to add some back story or none at all.. hmm.

Yeah, the more I think about it, no back story. Players will have to figure out this deck for themselves.


No backstory???

I understand the need for "no fiction" ... But no explanation as how to USE the "Deck" ... Seems a bit HARSH, don't you think???

stormyknight1976 wrote:
Players will have to figure out this deck for themselves.

I DON'T think this is a good idea for ANY game! All expansions need to account for differentiation in play and what makes the expansion work...

Obviously if your cards have all the rules written ON-THEM ... That will definitely be of benefit. But even if they do, I would suggest maybe a 1 or 2 page "cheat sheet" with some explanation how this expansion is to work with the remainder of the game including any interaction with other expansions too...

I know this is very HARD to do... Because even with a handful of expansions (under 5), it still is difficult to playtest the combinations of what expansion work with another. I guess the REAL IMPORTANT scenario is expansions that DON'T work TOGETHER! So having exceptions to what expansions can be compatible is important.

You might want a larger table with the compatibility of the "KEYS" expansion and the remainder of the modules and/or expansions to indicate what is compatible with what-else.

So you can do without the "fan fiction" ... But don't forget that RULES and COMPATIBILITY are important factors that you should include with this "expansion".

Again I don't know all the details to your game. I'm just speaking in "generalities". Normally it's not good to make an expansion without any explanation how to play and what it IS and IS NOT compatible with (the other expansions).

But I realize that it's YOUR game... So feel free to ignore this comment IF you really feel like the KEYS expansions is understood without any prior instruction or rules. Cheers!

Thank you for your concern,

Thank you so much for your concern about this small detail for the "Keys" deck.

Quite a mystery isn't? Thinking that all expansions or miscellaneous cards needs some details after open up the package.

The cards do have details and information for the players to figure out.

I enjoy being vague with my descriptions to the point it serves a purpose in driving my audience mad to think out side the box. Don't worry, everything will be covered in details.

I already added a clue within this response. I know your looking out for my game as a whole. Bravo. No, seriously, bravo.

The "Keys" deck is what and not what you think but it does serve a purpose within the game's storyline.

Does this expansion work with the rest of the game?

Answer: Yes.

Does this expansion deck need to be playtested?

Answer: No.

Everything has been figured out.

I dont understand why you wrote "fan fiction"? Could you clarify for me please?

I just cant give you as a whole all the secrets or understanding of my game. Once it comes out, you'll have to figure out the puzzle. That's what I do.

From 2013 - 2021 , I've been giving clues, vague responses to the game. Very small hints. Everything connects for a reason. Just like with every other world building game, storyline. Once the player understands the story and the game, the player will understand why I put it there.

It's very simple. The game looks very complicated but it truly is not the case.

I'll tell you a little something.

The title just helps me as the designer/developer to not forget what the deck is about. Basically a chapter marker.

I'm a game designer and somewhat of a salesman. I let the games I design do the talking for me.

I thank you once again for your concern and I do comprehend what your saying. I'm using the game journal to game design and I will continue to really slow down on posting updates in the Watercooler forum.

I need to get back to my editing on these physical prototype cards.

Bows respectively,

About the "Fan Fiction"...

What I meant is a "Fictional Story" or "Back-story". You don't need to create "Fiction" for all expansions or sets ... Look at Magic: the Gathering ... Their stories come from the sets themselves. You don't see them writing "stories" to go along with their cards.

That's what I meant: no need for additional "Fan Fiction" or "Back-story".

But as for RULES or a Cheat Sheet... That might be a more essential element to the game. Even if it is a DOWNLOADABLE product (like a one page PDF file available from your website and Board Game Geek) ... That's like the minimum TBH.

We did this with TradeWorlds to keep costs down: we added a 2-Page JPEG for the "How-To Guide". This was because we promised this Guide to the players and it was NOT included with the game (as being a physical component). So Stan and I decided to make it a DIGITAL download!

Much Success with Dymino Monsters Jesse!

I understand

I understand now. Thank you for the clarification.

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