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FCE: Finished Game

FCE: Finished Game

Here's an image of a finished game. All Map Grid squares have been filled with Terrain of one kind or another, in accordance with the Terrain Making rules.

Each Terrain has certain special rules for placement and/or scoring, so players attempt to use their collected Energy to both gain Dominion for certain Terrain, and then maximize the VP to be earned with a Terrain where they are certain they'll have more Dominion than their opponent.


How does this line up with the SETUP example???

Maybe you should submit a game with the "correct" Game Setup?! Like in the previous journal, you show us "STARTING POINTS" for each terrain type and then, you would THINK that the "Finished Game" would have the same starting points, huh?!

From this finished example, I think that the "Mountain" terrain rules are not good, the rest seems reasonable. Maybe "Mountains" make a diamond shape (4 tiles) that I could picture as being more reasonable.

The rest looks all great TBH. Just how does the "start" become the "finish" doesn't jive and Mountains ... Needs another review. But it looks pretty cool ... Just a couple "inconsistencies". Cheers!


questccg, you bring up two great points. Here are my responses.

  1. Regarding different starting positions: You are absolutely correct. I should have used a consistent Terrain layout, akin to a "before and after" pairing. Instead, I just transferred a leftover map grid I had from a playtest.

    I will remedy this tomorrow. It's late where I am at the moment. But I completely agree with you.

  2. Regarding the position of the Mountains: In the "after" picture, the Mountains have completely overtaken the bottom row of the grid, and then there are some seemingly random Mountains poking down from the top edge.

    There was an issue where when Mountains filled in from one edge to another along their straight line, one couldn't Make more Mountains anymore. I addressed this by allowing a player to Make more Mountain terrain on an edge of the grid that is not yet touched by Mountains.

    Again, you point out something that I've omitted. I will update descriptions of the Mountain rules ASAP. Rather, I should just type up a full ruleset and post it here, to prevent even more confusion.

Thanks again for your comments and feedback, quest! :)

Take your time...

Don't rush anything... I was just pointing out some "issues" to look at. It's not like this design need to be finished before Christmas, right!?

Anyhow you have plenty of time between Christmas and the New Year's to make more playtests and see what needs to be "refined".

I just thought it looked a bit "weird" with the mountains taking up the ENTIRE bottom row. Again just something to playtest a little more...

Don't rush it... A good design is like a good wine: it takes time to mature and age appropriately. Cheers!

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