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GHOST SHIP - A game of adventure, salvage, betrayal, and space!

First spec promo image library, game board unfinished
KS banner v1 - revisions underway

Saul had a bad feeling ‘bout boarding the seemingly abandoned liner.“But, Cap’n, what if it's a trap?”
Captain Dagon wasn’t worried, “Remember me talkin’ ‘bout Mulcahy?”
“He was your Cap’n, back when you was just an engine slug, right?” Saul recalled.
“Ha!” Dagon laughed, “Som’pn like. Yeah, ol’ Mulcahy, he had a sayin’ he used to...well, say.
“He said, ‘son’ –cause he’d call me son– he said ‘son, always respond to distress beacons out in the lonely.’”
“Cause it's the right neighborly thing to do out here, it’s all one big family o’ spacers?”Rayne hoped.
“Nah, he was a Taurian, didn’t care a whit ‘bout not’n but profit. He said, ‘Ninety-nine times out a hundr’d, its an empty ship full of free lootz.’”
“What about the hundr’dth time?” Doc worried aloud.
Dagon patted his Rager Twelve-fifty revolver, “That’s what the guns ‘r for.”
Captain Dagon hit the bay door release...

Ghost Ship is a game of salvage, adventure, and space.
Various starting scenarios allow for a multitude of non- repetitious playability (there’r lots’a diff’rnt ways t’ play).
In its classic scenario, the players are the crew of a small independent long-range space transport, expediting their cargo from one planet to another, when they come across a seemingly abandoned (and much larger) transport floating dead in space.
The ship may be dead, but there’s no telling what –living or dead– will greet the team when they board to check for Lootz.

However, we have expanded upon the initial scenario concept, so now there are several possible starting scenarios that players may choose between. Players can choose to play in the classic game, where betrayal of one character threatens the team, as may rabid robots, science experiments gone wild, alien bugs, or even the ship itself.

Players may instead choose to a purely cooperative play style, wherein the team really does act like one big family, and the winner is determined by the character with the most Lootz at the end.

[Game manual then goes into game setup and specific rules]

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