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SCAVENGERS is a card game where 2 to 5 players strategically bid to claim the most remnants of a gargantuan - but exploded - alien starship. The game features a faction-based agenda- and scoring-system, as well as a bidding mechanic similar to that in Eggs & Empires, GOPS (Game of Perfect Strategy), and some trick-taking games. Players can also take risks to collect alien artifacts that will grant one-off special effects and augments, either helping their current bid or holding back the bids of others. The theme and age range are still accessible to a broad audience: ages 10 and up.

Originally, this game started off as a personal challenge: an instructional tool that combined two mechanics with a single deck of cards. It's received the attention of a local publisher, and I've been slowly tweaking it to their preference with the hopes that this will become my first-ever professionally-published title. Beyond all my other designs, this one has come the closest.

PnP files, visual assets, and PDF rulesheet (currently two large-print pages) to come.

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