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September 7, 2021 update

Here are the chapter decks I have completed in the last 3 days.

Balletonean: Sept 7, 2021
Guardian Passage: Sept 6,7, 2021
Heart:September 7, 2021
Mind: September 6, 2021
Body: September 7, 2021
Soul: September 3, 2021
Great Halls of Joselin: September 3,2021

Northern Flora State and Fire Wire City will be tonight to the next morning as usual.

The Cross of the Titan Triangle Temple and Ancient Garden prototype chapter decks will be started tomorrow.

Thursday through Sunday this entire week will be devoted to completing the next 11 prototype chapter decks and that consists of the faction deck locations for the encounter cards.


Now that makes things much clearer!

Aside from reading the Update, now people can know when this is relevant or not... What I mean it's clear WHEN this update applies. So I don't need to worry about older news that I have already read... Unless there is an UPDATE to the UPDATE!!! Hahahaha. (lol)

Cheers Jesse.

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