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Monster Keep: Lords of Keeps

So fundamentally I have a SOLID base for the game ("Monster Keep"). I am now thinking about small additions that I can add to the game...

One of my ideas is the following:

  • Much like "Clue", each player's token is one of six colours. So I figured that I would create a special "Lord" card for each one. The bonus it gives a player is BY DEFAULT a player will have +2 trait stats. So for example, Lord Asinius, who is a glutton will give a player +2 Food for each bid. And so forth. Other Lords will have a different bonus...

That would add SIX (6) additional cards to the game. Colours would be: Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green, and Orange. And the player's pawns would match the colour of their character's card.

The DEFAULT bonus is +2 Points and is IDENTICAL to each Lord. So it does not affect the bidding process of the game. What it does do is affect the BONUS points a player can get when they have satisfied a Monster needs. It can also affect a player's decision as to which monsters to bid on...


Lordly Names

So I have created a thread which is open for designers to chime in with their suggestions for "Lordly Names".

Here is the thread:

From this list I have my own six (6) names below.

  • Lord Asinius = +2 Food (a bald and fat merchant) - RED
  • Lord Kane = +2 Treasure (a cut-throat master thief) - YELLOW
  • Lord Duncan = +2 Bloodlust (a forsaken knight) - BLUE
  • Lord Rex = +1 Food and +1 Treasure (a draconian king) - ORANGE
  • Lord Taurin = +1 Food and +1 Battle (a bullish Minotaur) - PURPLE
  • Lord Sandor = +1 Treasure and +1 Battle (a dark warlock) - GREEN

Special Ability

I am thinking that to EXPAND on the Lord concept, each Lord could have a SPECIAL ABILITY the player can use ONCE during the game. How to track it is simple:

  • When the card is facing normally, the ability has not been used.
  • When the card is on its side, the ability has been used.

I have *determined* 6 DISTINCT abilities for each one of the Lords. BUT I will keep this information confidential! ;)

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