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Horseman's Chess

This project is an abstract strategy game that has been challenging in unexpected ways. The first thing I learned in working on this game is that whatever name you pick, someone else has probably already used it. And your second choice, too. After looking at this game, if anyone has any ideas on an alternate title, I'm all ears.

HORSEMAN’S CHESS is a chess variant in which how far a piece can move can change during play. The primary actors are the familiar chess pieces (Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen, King) with their traditional movement capabilities except that none can move more than two spaces nor jump spaces without assistance.

Actors augment their movement by using mounts. The Charger mount allows an actor to move an unlimited number of spaces, while the Jumper mount allows an actor to jump over an intermediate space when moving two spaces.

For most actors, the change in movement with or without a mount is straightforward. The effects upon the Pawn and the Knight may not be obvious. The full movement rules for each actor (dismounted, riding a Jumper, and riding a Charger) are detailed in the Reference section. Note that the symbol for the Knight is nonstandard (a helm instead of the traditional horse's head) to avoid any confusion with the mounts.

HORSEMAN’S CHESS can also be used as a learning aid for orthodox chess. Select Jumpers for the Knights and King, and Chargers for the remaining back row pieces. The mount provides a visual reminder for movement capabilities. Proceed as though mounting and dismounting were not allowed.

The instructions include print-and-play components for mounts, the only thing needed to convert a standard chess set into HORSEMAN’S CHESS. For a production game, I am envisioning standing figures for the pieces and horse figures with hollow backs so that a piece can stand inside it and look roughly like he/she is riding the horse. Is anyone here old enough to remember the Han Solo and Tauntaun action figures from The Empire Strikes Back? No, I didn't thinks so. But anyway, same idea for making it look like a standing figure is riding a mount.

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