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Pillars of Civilization: Military rework

The idea behind the combat system is essentially "tactical without dice and very quick". I think I may have created a pretty decent ground-level approach.

1). Attacker chooses a territory with at least one soldier unit
2). Attacker secretly chooses a number of units to attack with
3). Defender secretly chooses a number of units to defend with
4). Attacker and defender reveal units attacker and uses power equal to the distance from the territories + the number of units they use.

1). Defender lines units up out in front of them
2). Attacker places units against the defenders one by one
3). Both defender and attacker secretly chose the tactic for each unit by shifting the position of the unit/card (flank = diagonal; stealth = horizontal; engage = vertical)
4). Reveal tactics to see who has won (=>) (flank => engage [Conquer] engage => stealth [Kill] stealth => flank [Capture])
5). If you conquer a unit your unit is placed in the same territory exhausted. If you kill a unit the unit is removed and your unit returns to its starting territory exhausted. If you capture a unit the unit captured and your unit are placed at the starting territory exhausted and injured. If there is a tie (both units use the same tactic) those units stay for another round.
6). Whoever has the only units left after a round gains one Civilization point.
7). If you are the attacker you gain 1 Civ point for capturing, 2 Civ points for killing, and 3 Civ points for conquering.

What are your thoughts? This is one of a few other mechanics so I don't need it very complex. Is this easy to follow? Does it sound fun? Let me know your thoughts.

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