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Looking for Board Game Designers

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We are a toy company based in Hong Kong. We have the license for production of WWF (World Wildlife Fund) games, which we are making in an environmentally friendly way. In 2009, our first year with the license, we have focused on classic games such as chess, checkers, dominoes, etc. For 2010 we are considering some original games, and are looking for freelance designers to assist us in this. We are considering trivial-pursuit style games as well as any other original ideas, designed using WWF themes, habitats, animals, etc. We are a company that targets mass-market retailers, so we're looking for people capable to develop very commercial, mature games. We would appreciate any direction as to who the most respected designers are to undertake such a project and where we can find them. If you are interested information on current items can be downloaded at this link:

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

Mark Pavey

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email sent.

email sent.

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