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Kickstarter is only a month away. Sweating aka feeling the heat.

So I'm only a month away from my rescheduled Kickstarter beginning date. I've send several review copies out, including Father Geek and Man vs Meeple. Advertising has been the hardest part of it all. I still feel I'm not doing enough. I'll be at Strategicon, showing off the game at a booth. I'm hoping to create a bigger mailing list while I'm there.

I've signed up for the Indie Game Alliance (IGA) and even paid for PRO service. I still need a video for the page. Thankfully, I don't think I'll need the help of my friends for it. (Scheduling conflicts) The big problem is time. Working away from home doesn't allow me to devote the time I want to the project. I even bought a laptop just to get what I can, done.

Here's a preview of the Kickstarter page:

Feedback would be appreciated. I have to take pictures of what components I DO have, for sure. The video, of course. I was also going to make a slideshow gif of people playing the game. Any and all ideas to get the word out are welcome. I'm sweating in anticipation of the release.


This game is more than a metaphor for KS, and deserves success

(Perspective note to others: I've played this game multiple times, and that insight also limits my ability to see the pitch from a disinterested point of view.)

(General back of brain/abstract/emote comment: you're dealing with archetypes and familiar tropes and mechanics which can lead to immediate comfort of familiarity--and the blah feeling of generic product.)

Bullet points or highlights: Especially the low barrier to entry Deck customization.

It's a brawl in a tight space! Graphic design and language should suggest this.

The risks and challenges is wonderfully honest and straightforward. That could work for you or against you.

You've tested, tweaked this everywhere. Give us a greater suggestion of the game's history and depth. We need a greater feeling of the sweat equity.

Should some of the lower pledges be add-ons?

Have you considered a $15 or so print and play level?

Your text passages are informative, but flat. I will be happy to tweak, edit, etc. via messaging. Flavor need not be wordy.


logistics of lots of pledge levels

I think you have slightly too many pledge levels, especially on the low end.

You might actually LOSE money on some of the lower pledge levels. Having a low pledge level is good – just make sure you don't sink your project by committing to unprofitable product.

Printing and mailing character buttons might cost you more than all the $5 pledges.

A game playmate is an great upgrade, but it seems like you are printing 2 different mats. Does your manufacturer allow you to do that cost effectively if you produce an even split.

I'd also consider bundling your higher tiers so you essentially have 4 pledge levels instead of your current 8 - going down to just a basic and a deluxe version

$1 – Supporter, no reward

$15 - Artisan - art related reward (playmat or prints or something)

$40 - Adventurer Solo- game

$60 - Adventurer Brawl - game + minis and playmat

I agree with John...

I just wanted to add as an ADD-ON ... allow people to purchase the 2nd mat for an "EXTRA" cost... And therefore pad your orders with some extra profit as a result of buying BOTH mats.

Something like ADD-ON alternative mat = $8 USD.

Keep it as lean and mean as John suggests. For Artisan, only send prints.

Therefore we both suggest removing the "buttons" for $5.00... Like John said, you are more likely to lose money on this low-end pledge due to the cost of shipping said "buttons".

The Artisan will be less expensive since you are mailing a LETTER (Kraft Envelope). I would simply add that you should put in a "cardboard sheet" to ensure that the prints don't get bent. The thicker the sheet the better.

For your other rewards for the game, I would DROP the price by $1. So $39 and $59... This is psychological, and it means LESS than $40 and $60. Studies have shown that people are more motivated to purchase products that are priced ending in "9". I learnt this from OLG (my published).

$1 – Supporter, no reward

$15 - Artisan - 5x prints + cardboard (to avoid folding)

$39 - Adventurer Solo - game

$59 - Adventurer Brawl - game + minis and playmat


$+8 - Alternate playmat (for collectors or Solo pledges)

My other comment is $30k USD goal is much TOO HIGH.

As a first time creator, you will be lucky to get 250-300 backers. That means about $18k TOPS (300 x $59).

A more realistic goal would be $12k (300 x $39).

You should find a manufacturer with a MOQ of 500 units.

A couple suggestions are:

  • Quality Playing Cards & Games ( (

  • BangWee Games (

  • LongPack Games (

Your first time production should be closest to 500 units. I'm not kidding with you, I'm being realistic.

Some considerations about the KS page:

  • Don't explain how to "play" the game in text. Too verbose. Provide a LINK to a rulebook or rulesheet which people can read IF they want to.

  • No reviewers is a bad sign. You need people to play and review your game. You'll need at the minimum one Video review and one Text review (article).

  • "What's in the Box" comes BEFORE "How to play". People will determine the value of the game based on it's content. So you want to establish that all of the cards they are getting (OVER 250 cards!!!)...

  • Stretch goals should be "prettier". Maybe make these into images with LOCKS... Like most people do. I'm just saying it would look MUCH BETTER.

For now that's what I have as "advice" for you... These are all things you should be strongly thinking about.

The last suggestion, is when you ASK for "Quote" you should do the following: Start with the "Core" game and then add onto the game, the play mat and the miniatures.

So it's like two (2) products but the SAME BOX. This will make your order be more flexible and all "BOXES" count towards the 500 MOQ and the mat + minis are extra (above and beyond). Think of it a process: first they make the box, then the add the minis and mat (for $59 pledges). For solo version all they do is make the box (no minis and no mat)...

Wishing you success... with this KS effort.


Almost forgot...

You're going to also need "Social Goals". These are goals that you reach by SHARING the campaign on Facebook. It's VERY IMPORTANT you do this, otherwise you may only reach 100-150 backers. But remember you must be able to OFFER something to ALL "backer who buy the game" (so Solo backers at minimum).

If you want to see a campaign that did this EFFECTIVELY, I would suggest you take a look at Andrew Harmon's "Portals and Prophets" Kickstarter.

You'll also want to have someone who is priming the comment section of your campaign. Engage discussions about your game, gaming in general, design, etc. Anything to get more comments to help boost your Kicktraq ranking and hopefully reach the Top 25 Hotness ranking.

The other things is to watch religiously Kicktraq's performance and HOPE for no days with 0 backers... Having good Social Goals will HELP THIS. And offering people something in return ... will overall help the image of your product and the interest levels of other people.


Honestly, the people above

Honestly, the people above have captured 90% or more of my comments, so I'll try to add something new:

1. I personally am wary of having "Diverse Art" as a stretch goal. It makes me feel that the art is not diverse (ie bland) if the stretch goal isn't made. Just letting you know that if I saw that, I probably wouldn't back it for that reason.

2. Comment #1 said, I really like your art for the Game Banner/Logo. The characters are illustrated well with popping colors, sharp contract, and sufficient details. If you need to "upgrade" the art as a stretch goal, maybe be more specific as to what the stretch goal provides.

3. To reiterate above, because it is very important and one of the easiest issues to fix, is that the text is flat. I recommend having 3-4 writers/editors look at it and give you direction on how to make the text more exciting and draw the reader in.

4. Similar to #3, ditch the "How to play" via text section. Instead, use graphics to SHOW how easy it is. The most tedious way to learn a game is to read a bunch of text, so try to minimize text in your KS page.

5. This can't be understated. $30k is TOO HIGH for your goal. You should definitely be under $20k, especially since you are a new publisher with no successful track record.

Too HIGH of a GOAL!

I personally feel that AT MOST, his funding goal should be $15k!

Even that's high, where $10k is low and $12k is somewhere in the middle.

I am concerned with his MOQ is probably 1,000 game sets and that is much too high for a first time creator. You need to be prepared to get under 500 backers. I'm not trying to be negative, we've got proof if you search KS and look at the campaigns that just "meet" their funding goals for first time creators. We're not being "a-holes" saying you game is not good enough, it's got nothing to do with your game.

It has everything to do with how MANY people you can get to back your game. You have no reviews, so hardly anyone knows of your game. It's not on any hotness list (think BGG)... not that I have seen.

So you have to PREPARE for the lower end of backers. Which is between 100 to 300 backers. That requires you to choose a manufacturer that can produce a MOQ of 500 units. Forget dreaming about 1,000 units... If it happens then smaller volume quotes will also quote you for 1,000 and 1,500 units too... So you can be prepared if by some miracle everyone flocks to your game.

But you got to be REALISTIC too. And plan to be SUCCESSFUL even at the lower levels. Your goal should be: "Get as many gamers I can to back my game - so that my game is 'out-there' in the public!"


The person above is dead wrong!

Sure you need to advertise here and there, but you definitely don’t need all that stuff to get a successful kickstarter. The motto I follow is: “Don’t be a dick when advertising”. That basically reminds me not to push the updates.

I do my updates slowly and steadily and only comment a whole lot if I have too.

That’s my advice.

Take it or leave it.

Elliot Brooks
Twin Eagle Graphics
Independent Game Studio

P.S. Silly QuestCCG, you don’t need to push updates to get views. It’s called being good, not annoying.


Good call everyone. I'll be trimming the fat on stretch goals. Mats are being made by a good friend of mine (owner of gamematz) so I can make as many as needed. I was looking to wingo and a few other places and they all want 1000, so the is goal is based off of 1000 copies plus cargo, warehouse, etc. I'll move around everything, add some flowery words and add the reviews as well. I don't know how to set up add-ons so I made everything a pledge combination. Guess I have to do more research.

I really appreciate all the great insight you've all given me!


Evil ColSanders wrote:
... I don't know how to set up add-ons so I made everything a pledge combination. Guess I have to do more research...

First what you need to do is:

  1. Put a place on the KS page before "Stretch Goals" about ADD-ONS to backer pledges. For example $+8 USD for additional mat, $+15 USD for Miniatures (the amounts are just examples).

  2. You tell backers to ADD the amount of the ADD-ONS they want by ADDING it to their pledge level. So say I choose $39 (Solo game) + 1 Game Mat ($+8) = $47 USD.

  3. Next when people fill out their survey, I'd recommend you use BackerKit (BK) to do the logic of fulfilling the rewards. In BackerKit you'll be able to configure ADD-ONS and then when backers (after the campaign is successful) log on to BK, they can confirm their pledge and choose the ADD-ONS they want.

So how it works is that people pledge HIGHER than the "reward" amount. And then afterwards they "spend" that money in BK to tell YOU, what they want to do with the extra money they've invested in your game.

Check out "BackerKit". I think it you subscribe and create your account before the end of your KS, you save 50% of the setup fee which is $199... (so only $99). You may want to CHAT with Kickstarter and ASK if they can allow you to customize your survey...

I was not involved in this aspect of the KS campaign. So I'm not familiar with how it works. We used BK too... So 5% of funds raised for "extras" went to BK.

Anyway contact KS and ask them how their survey works (again not sure). Like yourself, I was not involved in this part of the process... I'm just telling you how we did it... It may be possible using KS survey only... that IDK... Cheers.

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