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Tricolor Flags - 9-Card Solitaire Puzzle Microgame



I know I don’t make the deepest of games, but this is a simple and portable puzzle game that also teaches you some of the world’s tricolor country flags. The game reminds me of a Rubik’s Cube. Here are some advanced rules I’m working on:

Advanced Game Rules

Randomly flip and shuffle the 9 cards. Place them horizontally on the table in a 3x3 grid. Set a timer to 9 minutes and start it.

On each turn, swap the positions of any two cards and then flip them over. Keep track of whenever the cards match one of the tricolor flags on the list.

Once the timer runs out, add up each unique tricolor flag you successfully matched during the game. Try to beat your high score!

The cards have a color on

The cards have a color on each side, I take it? So that PDF is three cards? And the back of color A is always B?

9 cards

The two pages comprise the front/back of 9 cards, 3 of each color combination; 3 blue/green, 3 white/yellow, 3 red/orange.

I have updated the PnP Cards with cross hairs at the intersection points to distinguish between the 9 cards and help when cutting them.

I also added the latest rule sheet with a map of the country flags versus the previous list layout.

Quick Reference List

Quick Reference List

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