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Ravenhall's Town Crier #11

The primary purpose of Legends of Ravenhall's Town Crier is to inform and unite the tabletop game community. As we continue to pursue this purpose, we are evaluating an option to contribute content to, or merge with, a digital magazine to expand our outreach. This could lead to reformatting the Town Crier, or curtailing the Crier in its current form and transferring to the new one. We will update you on the progress of this potential development and, either way, will continue to serve our game community!


-Legends of Ravenhall


Hmm... I'm sorry I missed the Headhunter Madness!

Note that it's life threatening ... How come you guys didn't PROMOTE this contest on BGDF??? I personally don't remember hearing anything about it!

And it would have nice to participate in the E-MAIL contest! OR was this only for the Backers who actually backed the game?! Wasn't my understanding that Headhunter (HH) Kickstarter was cancelled but you had found an Angel Investor who wanted to share the risk with you guys in MAKING the game and trying to sell it too???

I personally don't visit sites often other than those that I normally frequent. I realize a quick "Blog" that hardly says anything will not get me to visit another site and read more content... But I did it... And that's how I learned about the contest!

I don't know ... But you guys have a strange way of "sharing" information with the public when BGDF is a great platform. I'm not saying to write articles about "What's going on" ... But maybe some recaps like: "In the 11th Edition of our Newsletter, we are holding a contest and are considering moving our Newsletter to another platform, etc..."

Just SHARING would be good. Sheesh. Got to go around digging for information when it should be readily available on BGDF! You know that's why we are a FORUM... To discuss and debate.

Cheers and best of luck with your Newsletter in whatever format you choose to spread word about what is happening with HH. But personally, I wouldn't spend an entire Newsletter to only HH... Maybe the Magazine will be better since it can be ONE article among many other articles.

I have a Facebook for all my games. But there is usually NO NEWS to share other than general design ... That I'm not ready to share YET. So even a platform like Facebook might be better than a quarterly Newsletter. It can also be more DIRECT to the people interested in FOLLOWING your game.

Cheers Austin!

Note #1: I reviewed your Blog and somehow I missed this in FEBRUARY! I guess it didn't capture my attention or I was not online on that day (Doubt it...) don't know how I missed that.

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