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New: Custom Game Scents at The Game Crafter

Many people in The Game Crafter community enjoy the smoky campfire smell that occurs when we manufacture games with laser cut components. However, for those of you who aren't fans, we added 5 new scents that you can apply to your game. We hope you enjoy these new options and we plan to expand our collection later this year.

Check out the product video at


So is my understanding correct?!

You've RUN OUT of the "Pizza" Scent already?!?! Maybe the "Beer" Scent instead...! Oh no, don't tell me... That one's sold out TOO! My oh, my... These NEW "Scents" are rather POPULAR! Imagine how many designers wanted a scent OTHER than "Camp Fire"... That's the one that comes FREE of charge, right?!?!

I'd have a bunch of suggestion to add: Black Cherry Merlot , Sea Island Cotton, Market Green Apple, Pumpkin Cinnamon Spice, etc. Should I submit each one separately to the "Site Ideas"???

Cheers! (LOL)

Wait.. is "burnt cardboard"

Wait.. is "burnt cardboard" no longer available, or is that just the default?

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