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Heart of the Knight

On April 4, 2020, I had designed a solitaire puzzle game with 12 cards and 1 knight miniature. I sent out 10 of those games to friends and family. Of those friends, they are game designers and author.

July 6, 2020

My nephew and his teacher were at my nephew's grand parents house for dinner.

The teacher had asked my nephew if I had come up with any new games. My nephew replied ,"Yes, in fact he has. I'll show you after dinner".

My nephew had told his teacher how to play the game. He played twice and asked my nephew, "Do you think your uncle will copy some more games?"

My nephew, "I dont see why not, but I have to ask. How many do you want?"

Teacher: 5 games. 1 game to present my wife and for our home. 2 games for my own class room and 2 games for study hall.

I am so excited and thanked the Lord for this opportunity to open the door for me. I will share other news about my game from the school once I get the feedback. But as we all know the schools wont open up till end of August we hope.


Well Done!

You never know what can come your way if you just put your stuff out there. It takes a lot of courage. Congrats on your latest opportunity to spread your ideas far and wide. :)

I <3 Game Design

Knowing others played and enjoyed a game you designed is a great feeling.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you Squinshee. Most

Thank you Squinshee. Most appreciated.
I will do my best to make people happy and smile.

Last night I worked on the etching to the wood burning game of Heart of The Knight as a birthday gift from a friend of mine who bought one copy after playing it several times.

Then on to the other hand drawn copies for the Teacher's 5 copies.

Bows respectively ;

Thank you Let off Studios

Yes, it's takes courage and risk, but the reward is so worth it. I enjoy making people think, happy, smile and just say aloud,"What! Wait? How!".

That's my happiness and reward.

Thank you for the kind words.

Bows respectively;


Heart of the Knight Game

I have sent another full game to a wonderful person who is a professional violinist in WA 2 weeks ago. I was following her on Instagram and she had responded to several of my comments. I love classical music and especially the violin and the piano and other instruments in the orchestra.

She had followed me back and she was looking through my Dymino Monsters instagram account. She replied, "I would love to play your game some time in the future."

I was floored and honored. I had explained that Dymino Monsters was not out yet but I would send her another smaller game I had designed.

She and her family and friends are enjoying the game. This is so cool.
So that is the latest update to Heart of the Knight. I have been thinking of only doing 100 wooden boxes in total to send out and or have people donate for the box and that will be the end of that.


In other news

In other news:

Elemental Marional Knights is now the Minor Bosses. There are 25. They will be scattered through out the franchise. There will also be 9 sub bosses and 9 bosses as with all of the Titans as the Grand Bosses.

The Marional Knight cards deck are already completed in prototype format. Late on is to write up the story chapter.


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