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I'm just happy.. I got a re-order from Indie Press Revolution, as they're down to 6 units (out of 48 originally sent). 10% of my new print run is spoken for :)

Oh, in other news that nobody cares about, I got a new job in a new city, and I'll be unlikely to design many more new games in the future just because (I hope) I'll be too busy and engaged at the office. I do still need to finish writing Ice & Flame, of course, since I already Kickstarted it :)


Well congratulations are in order!

Having a new job and not having time to invest in designing... To me, would be tragic, no matter what job it is. As the Host for BGDF, actively involved with three (3) game designs... There is nothing more that I would want but to continue designing more games. I've got about six (6) concepts that I would like to flesh out and bring them to market.

I honestly want to make this my life's purpose... Designing games for people from all walks of life: young tweens, middle teens and of course millennials.

This to me is so much more than a hobby or past-time. Unfortunately ATM there is very little income but I have yet to profit from all the effort.

I know, we design because we enjoy it. But this not being a hobby or past-time means that at some point there needs to be some income, no matter how small. So yes I love designing... But I want to continue and hopefully find a way to squeak out a living...

Best of luck on the new job and city...



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