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Battle Pencils for The Pitch Project 2020

This will be my personal blog for all thing Battle Pencils, including my experience with The Pitch Project 2020. This publisher event has finally forced me to create a sell sheet for my game. In other blog entries, I will discuss my game's full battle system, why I designed the pencil layout the way I did, suggested set release schedule, etc.

Here is my most current sell sheet submitted to The Pitch Project:


This looks great! I hope you

This looks great! I hope you get some exposure for it.

Maybe a Minor Edit

Not saying this is necessary, just a psychological trick. Where it states "...if that player doesn't have any remaining pencils, they lose the game." ends in a negative. Okay for the rules, but since you're trying to market it, probably better to give a positive. Something like "...if that player doesn't have any remaining pencils, the other player Wins!"

Just thinking out loud.

Thanks. And that is a good


And that is a good point. Will change for the next version.

Maybe This...

"If your opponent has run out of pencils, you win!!!"


I think it would be best to play like 5 rounds and the first winner to 3 wins.

WHY??? Because if both players have like 40 pencils the battles can go for very long. While I agree if you are in the business of selling pencils that may be good... But from a Game POV, it's always best to have a peak at the right moment (not too long and not too short). If it's too LONG the players will get BORED and if it's too SHORT people may get the impression that the game is too SIMPLE. In either case, the players would move on to ANOTHER game.

Again: "The first player to win 3 out of 5 rounds is Victorious".

Something along those lines... And instead of 45 ... Make it sold in packs of three (3). And offer them at a PREMIUM price point. Maybe like $5.00 each pack. I mean it's ONLY three (3) pencils...

Goodluck with this Game @Gregg...

Yes it’s a set of 45 pencils

Yes, it’s a set of 45 pencils distributed across 15 packs of 3 pencils (circle/triangle/square). Players can play with any number of pencils. As low as 1, but 3 or 5 seems to be the most common choices from blind playtesting.

Updated rules

I updated the sell sheet rules (in OP) to sound a little more informal with a mix of 2nd person perspective.

I also think I fixed the losing pencil's wording to not sound too harsh or redundant with the "end of game" sentence:

"If your pencil loses the battle, remove it from play and pick one of your remaining pencils to use for the next battle. If you’ve run out of pencils, you’re knocked out!

Keep battling until one of you knocks out the other player and wins the game!"

Peripheral Product Idea

A peripheral product idea for Battle Pencils would be standard college-ruled writing paper notebooks adorned with Battle Pencil mascots on the cover, and small battle numbers (and in later sets, symbols too) printed along the left margin of each sheet of paper.

You can play Battle Pencils anywhere, but you have the option to roll your pencils on a sheet of Battle Paper for chances at bonus power and abilities!

How it Works
Bother players roll their pencils on the paper at the same time.

If the end of your pencil that is closest to the left margin stops in between the same lines as an unmarked bonus number, cross out that bonus number and add it to your rolled number!


I did not make the top 50 for The Pitch Project, so I won't be pitching this idea to the publishers of that event.

We'll see where I go from here.

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