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Customizable GM Screen - Now Available at The Game Crafter

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The Game Crafter
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The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Customizable GM Screen

The Game Crafter’s Customizable GM Screen allows you to change out the panels with your own content. They hold Landscape US Letter sheets (11x8.5 inches) and are double-sided. Available at

Watch the product announcement video on youtube at

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You just remind me something

You just remind me something I forgot that I did almost 20 years ago.

I had 3 hard plastic panel where you could put in 2-3 letter size pages. I stick them together with some tape and created my own customizable DM screen (the panels were verticals). I think I put some black paper on the exterior, or in between both sheets. Exterior sheet was content useful for the players.

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I don't know how any GAME can afford to add this...!

At $19.99 USD for the Customizable Screen ... I can't picture anyone adding these to their game. Granted the screen is VERY cool! I'm not disputing on how amazing it is... Yet at $19.99 USD, I doubt many people will buy it unless it's maybe like some kind of ADD-ON. Like a premium screen for a game that ONLY requires one screen and not one per player.

It's a nice addition... But the cost is very HIGH. If it would have been around at $9.99 USD then I could see someone creating a PREMIUM version of their game and including four (4) of theses.

Like I said it's cool... But not practical when it comes to STANDARD games out there.

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I agree, price point is going to limit some

I think it's intended for a single DM or GM to use in an RPG, so there probably is a market. You can get the same effect plus binder rings for about the same price with the tabloid 3 ring binders:

But the screen does close down for easier storage.

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I agree that the tabloid size

I agree that the tabloid size is interesting. A normal binder would be too small.

An yes it is more useful for game masters. I used to play many RPG rules than D&D, and each system did not necessarily have it's screen. So my solution was perfect for such situation. I printed sheet and inserted them in it.

Some players made artwork during the game, I just inserted on the player's side of the screen.

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Your missing the point

I think it's a slick idea. This 4 folded screen does not have to be used for gaming.

School work
Shopping list
Display of art or marquee
Picture frame
Comic cells double sided

There are probably a whole ton of ideas that this product can be used for.

The price is fine.

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