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Kabula Update

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Joined: 09/24/2020

Hello guys,
we are finally launching our first Kickstarter on October 19!
Our prelaunch page is

We have a new rulebook made from scratch on , where you can also playtest for free on Tabletopia.

Any feedback on rulebook or game is, as usual, very much appreciated!

For anybody just wanting to try the game with us, we also have a discord server and organise play sessions quite regularly.

So far this is basically self promotion, and request for feedback :) so, how can I make this entry useful to you guys?

I am happy to share contacts, tips on design/playtesting and on self publishing in general...lots of you guys have more experience than I do though, so take all that with a pinch of salt :)

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Congratulations on your games' October launch on KS.

After work tonight I'll check out your games' rulebook.

I'm gonna pop over to your pre launch KS page and see what the game is about.

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Bows respectively

Joined: 09/24/2020
Thanks Jesse, looking forward

Thanks Jesse,
looking forward to any feedback :)

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