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Rulebook 1.1: in 1776


I have been trying to play a war strategy game with my dad for a while now. Part of it is because he likes them (a long time SPI and Avalon Hill devotee) but also because I wanted to to do more research for my American Revolution game.

We finally got together over the holiday and played the starter game of 1776 (AH, 2nd ed). It was more enjoyable than I expected and I really appreciated how it gave insight into the actual historical circumstances of the war. I liked the movement/terrain features of the game. I already had plans to integrate something similar into my game so this can help. I also liked the way the units were simplified/homogenized so you could combine and divide units with ease.

Hopefully we can get together soon and actually play one of the advanced scenarios.


You got it right!

Nothing like spending some quality time with Family over the Holiday season. For some that means enjoying their company and for others that means breaking out a couple of Board Games everyone enjoys playing.

I'm alone in this "shtick", my Family are NOT gamers. They like Puzzle Games or things like Candy Crush Saga, etc. All those games to me feel boring. The CLOSEST you'll find me is PERHAPS "Puzzle Quest" on my Nintendo DS... But I enjoy the questing and loot (items) and the overall STORY behind these games.

I do have Magic: the Gathering Puzzle Quest on my SmartPhone. But alas, I don't play it very often either...

Most of my time is spent focusing on my various designs and working on getting them moving forwards. In addition to planning how we are going to approach the NEXT "Kickstarter" and this time ENSURE that we have SUFFICIENT Backers. Getting 0.01% or 0.1% sounds FEASIBLE... But is actually very tough!

Anyways good on you for taking time to enjoy a game with Family.


American Revolution ~ Game Research


Greetings to you and great to hear that you got a great game to the table over the holidays.

As a developer, I highly recommend that you play 1775 Rebellion by Academy Games; Washington's War by Mark Herman; or my personal favorite, Liberty or Death: An American Insurrection.


Thank you

I appreciate the recommendations. I have read that Washington's War and 1775 were some of the better American Revolution games. I have heard of Liberty or Death so I'll add that to the list. Thanks.

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