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Any designers in Cornwall?

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Joined: 08/09/2008

Are there any board/card game designers in Cornwall interested in setting up a playtesting group? I scouted most of the pubs in Falmouth and found a few quite happy to host a weekly/fortnightly gaming session...

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Not to my knowledge...

But @Westmaas is in Toronto, @larienna and me (@questccg) are both in Montreal. I haven't seen Eric (@larienna) in years... Although we do message each other on Groups have been hit hard because of COVID-19... So with time and all what is going on... Sometimes it's just better to post on with people who all SHARE similar interests, can provide feedback and ideas, and generally have a good time with people around the globe that share the same passion.

That's not that I am discouraging local playgroups. I've just found that in Montreal there are a few Gamer Groups (people who enjoy PLAYING) and not so much DESIGN groups that are focused on making games. I think there may be only a hand-full of us in Montreal (for example).

I'm really proud of how is still around ... And I thank each and every one of you and hope that you become REGULARS (members who visit daily). Like I said, it's great to get a perspective from someone around the World who shares the same understanding about Board & Card Games and understand Game Mechanics, etc. Someone who speaks the SAME lingo!

Cheers ... And sorry, I haven't seen anyone else from Cornwall who has had an active account on Toronto and Montreal. I don't even think we have any members in Ottawa TBH. And I know there is a Chapter of The Board Game Artisans of Canada in Ottawa... So there must be a bunch of Ottawa designers too... But they don't frequent unfortunately.

Joined: 08/09/2008

Our first playtest meetup will be at 'The Moth and the Moon' pub on Sunday 26th June at 1pm. If you're a designer why not bring your game along and we'll give it a go. If you just want to play some prototype games then your feedback would be most appreciated!

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