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Just some fun history of the games we always played

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Body weight CoD

Let's copy Call of Duty!!!

I think it is time to have more of a history of our wargame.
Than making anything new. Adventures and such. Stories to tell. etc.
This should be a fun read.

The beauty of my game is that we can copy almost any other wargame.

Let us begin with Call of Duty....the board game?
Ok, a little history lesson here.
I wanted to make sure that movement speed and range was balanced. The other 2 factors where the amount of damage (on average) and the health of every soldier.

The goal in this version was to have every design cost the exact same amount.
Every soldier would have the same size. And back then we still had durability rolls. Thus the soldiers could also crouch or lay down. But that got removed.

Very experimental. But fun.
Some units where born from this that we used later on.
Like the Ranger Infantry, Heavy Machine Gun Infantry and various Snipers.

Another fun part was that each player would have 1 soldier. And simply had to move out and try to kill others. It was more of a deathmatch than something else. But we did some 3v3.

In order to get the designs done. We had a list of "bodies" and "weapons".
If I where to do this again. I would have to make some modifications. But I have included the choices of the bodies in the attachment.

The bodies are the simple ones to choose from. Players can choose between a movement speed between 1 to 5. Then Health could be chosen, ranging from 1 to 10.
The weight of the bodies could range between 8 to 160. But 100 would be the maximum allowed value of a soldier. So the highest movement speeds would logically have less health.
The "Tank" would have 10 health and a movement speed of 1. The weight here is 80.
For my buddies, I had the table to choose from. They could easily tell what options they had for every movement speed, but also the health.


Since the maximum value of a soldier would be 100. The weapon designs where complex but limited.
It would be much harder to design these.

The accuracy would not be included. In other words. A weapon for the guys would be a single accuracy. The maximum would be 6. But only determined after the choice of weapon.

Other factors included the attack range, cooldown/charging and damage multiplier.

The cooldown and/or charging was limited to 3. Non of them would like to wait longer or being ambushed by other lurking players. No one took 4. 3 was really the max here (To be honest, I was the only one).
The true choices would be the attack range from 0 to 10.
And the damage multiplier, which simply meant the number of dice used.

In order to determine the weapon weight. A player would first choose the type of weapon.

The normal weapons start at 5 and get 2.5 every attack range.
The accuracy is still 1. But can go up to 6. Simply multiplying the value.
The damage multiplier is still 1. But can go up to whatever the player can and wants. Simply multiplying the value.

Weapons that can be used only once, like a grenade or something. Have a multiplier of 3. It can be applied to the accuracy or the damage multiplier.

The weapons with a cooldown or charging are a bit tricky here. While in the game, applying these to any weapon means that the switch can be lower between the weapons as well.
Players can have all weapons at the same time (shooting the rifle and throwing 3 grenades in 1 turn). Or indeed choose, for a 50% refund.
In CoD this is common. But in our game, this is rare.

Anyway, back to cooldown or charging.
If a player decides it would pay 2 AP per attack.
A damage multiplier of 7 was very common.
The cooldown variant would have the cost multiplied by 4.
The charging variant would have the cost multiplied by 3.


After combining the body and weapon weight. Any value that is missing towards 100 points will be added every round to that player. These are SP, strategy points. And once it reaches one time the total value. The player can ask for 1 AP, action point extra that round.
With 7 AP in total per player. Players often move OR attack. Doing both at the same time costed too much AP.
3 actions per round in 3 turns. It simply meant that the player had to save up to 8 times the SP. For 1 extra action.
Unless we had a team game with multiple soldiers per player.

We had a lot of fun battle's this way.

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