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Laser Bounce Mint Tin

laser bounce mint tin.jpg

I've produced 5 mint tin versions of Laser Bounce in preparation for the upcoming PAX Australia where it will be part of Collaboratory: a playtesting space for unpublished designs.

I printed the labels on 160gsm paper (which is about as thick as my printer can handle) and superglued them onto the mint tin, which worked quite well. With just the right amount of glue it didn't seep through the paper and sticks firmly.

I think the rulebook will have to be a phone friendly pdf version. There are too many rules to fit into the tin. Writing rulebooks must be the worst (least fun) part of game design, especially while it's constantly changing and it needs to be reworked. I'm thinking in the future to do more videos of gameplay. I feel like a sleek video will be the most painless for both teacher and student.


Yeah that makes sense but...

You've got to write the rules if you expect to SELL the game. But I totally agree with you: writing rules in an official rulebook sucks. It's not so much that writing rules sucks... No I don't mind my cryptic notes that I have in a TXT document that documents the entire game from A to Z... Those notes are fine and for the most part allow ME to understand what has been designed.

But for writing a RULEBOOK so that others understand the game too... That is VERY different. There is a prescribed format that should be followed. Don't think that A> You're going to write as you like B> Whatever you write will be acceptable. I'd suggest you get familiar with the STANDARD format ASAP so that you don't waste time on an incorrect format (BTW)!

This week I went back and re-designed all the Game Tiles for Crystal Heroes. Got them all done, uploaded the corrected box (That too is done) and all that REMAINS is well... You guessed it: correcting the RULEBOOK! Hah.

I've got 1 month until the game is printed and shipped (Yeah TGC is very busy)! So I will take the time, this next month to RE-EDIT and FINALIZE the rulebook. But yeah, definitely not looking forwards to re-editing the rulebook!...

Best of success for your Lazer Bounce Game! Cheers.

Best of Success!

This package is looking really slick! I hope you have a blast at PAX Aus...!

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