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Hi, I was inspired to make this card game when I was 13 or 14. The reason why I can remember is because it was around the year we moved to our new home. It was initially inspired from a deck of Poker cards. About two to three years ago, I revisited the concept and made it into a 3-Card Poker game called Hit the Deck! The game was fun, but quite distinct from the original concept, which had elements from this game, as well as from Regicide. So I decided to make it the way I first envisioned it, and came up with Dreadnought. Below are the rules, please view them and tell me your opinion, thanks!

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Interesting concept. I like

Interesting concept. I like the idea of the different suits having different roles in the game.
I'm having a hard time visualizing the game setup and gameplay. A diagram may help.
I also wonder if a section explaining each of the actions would be helpful.

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Hi, I can show it to you on

Hi, I can show it to you on TTS. The game has gone through further iterations. If you want, you can add me on Discord, calixtusaw. Hope to see you online!

New version:

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Can you include a section about set up? Maybe you could incorporate some of the glossary terms so that they are known, before the rules are read. Do players draw from a common deck or separate decks? You mention the ranks of cards do the face cards have to be removed from the deck(s)?

Can you provide a summary of the process of carrying out each of these actions? Can you add a a summary of how defence works on the board and from hand?

Suit powers -hearts
Man that is a wall of text. After 4 or 5 reads I kind of understand it. I think explaining attacks and then how hearts modify them would help.

Suit powers- spades
What does purchase cards from the deck mean (is deck suppose to be hand). Does the Diamond card used for purchasing go into the ship graveyard? As a possible ease of play the game diamonds has cards numbered 1-14 in the standard suits. If you get a copy you remove the 1-4 the players would not have to do the mental conversion.

Card powers.
Is the first sentence missing some words?
Can you include 7-10: no power?

Sea zone
This does not seem like the best choice for the idea you are trying to convey. To me zone denotes a large area that can be occupied by multiple entities. I think location would be a better choice, but their is probably an even better word that I can't think of.

This is minor but should captain be admiral since you are in command of a fleet of ships?

Can a player stalemate by never playing anything and just defending from hand as needed?

Good luck with your game.

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Setup is shuffle the deck of

Setup is shuffle the deck of cards into a pile, called the Deck, and leave it aside, everyone will be drawing from it.

Yes, the Face Cards, J, Q, K, are removed.

For the four Actions, each must be different, you can't play the same Action again in a Turn.

For Purchase, you discard the card, then you draw cards with a value equal to or below to the value of the Diamond Card plus 4. For instance, you used a 10, that's 10+4, 14 "dollars" worth to spend. And you draw a 10, and then a 4. You can still draw again, for the chance of getting a Joker, which is a rank Card, but of course the Opponent gets to see the card you draw, especially if you can't draw it into your hand.

For Defence, should you be attacked either directly at your hand or otherwise, you may play a Spade Card to block the Damage by the amount of the Spade Card.

What about the first sentence of Card Powers? Yes, 7 to 10 have no Powers.

You can always Pass, but what's the point of not doing anything but Defend, you will never win then.

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