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Dymino Monsters Update Sept 24 2023

Its been awhile since my last update.

Sometime today or tomorrow I will be begin to start hand writing chapter 4 to the Dymino Monsters : Bantalatal and Aila Novel Journal.

Chapter one has 12 pages with 1,637 words.

Chapter two has 13 1/3 pages. I did not count the words for chapter 2 and 3.

Chapter 3 has 12 pages.

I have 17 out of 250 brand new monster encounters for the Dymino Monsters universe. This will bring up the list of encounters to 3,026.

I have not started on the attack / defense system for these encounters. After these 250 encounters. I will definitely not make any more encounter lists or cards. I know I had mentioned quite some time ago that I wanted to have a list of 5,000 encounters. Luckily with the way things went during development, 3,026 is a good end for the list of Dymino Monster encounters.

In other news:

Last weekend Sept.16, 2023 I have designed my 35th game. Its a very simple roll and move / jump game.

I was inspired by my nephew who was stacking hot wheel cars (three high) and then taking a fourth car and gently crashing the fourth car into the stacked pile of hot wheel cars. My nephew is 17. We were already playing another game I had designed last year on Sept 11,2022. It was a drift car game for 2 players.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Thank you all for the ongoing support for this massive project.


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