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Take area control and piece taking to a whole new level. No jumping... No king this or king that... Just Dominance!

It is the 21st Century and past time for you to play a new kind of game with your friends and family. Dominance is easy for younger players to learn, fast paced (giving you the chance to play best out of three in one night), but still intense enough to challenge competitive adults.


Small pprototype version available on the GameCrafter:

I am thinking about getting a print run of 500-1000 and so I am shopping around to get this produced... I might even try doing a Kickstarter.



Dominance Online

Online Version:

Not sure if creating this online version works for others, but I know it is set to public... it does look like you need an account to play :(

Thanks Gabe for sharing a link to

I do welcome feedback on the game.


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