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superhero game - combat mechanics - input needed again.

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Hey guys. Since you've been so helpful with the other parts of the game, I've decided to come to you for a third(and hopefully last) time.

I've been debating combat in my game as an option to just, if your attack is higher then his defense you take him out. Early this morning i realized that combat hasn't really been thought all the way through, because of that I implemented this "change"

There are now only 9 locations. Each location has a different set of rules. Like fighting on top of a moving bus, Fast characters get a bonus and brute ability types get a deduction, being big and bulky. At the same time, the different locations have defense and attack values. So, you would want the heroes to have a higher defense then the attack value of the area so they do not take passive damage from the environment, but after the henchmen are defeated, their attack still needs to exceed the defense value.

If the attack value of an area is higher then the heroes, the different is then split between all active heroes in the area.

When you flip the environment, you flip cards till you see the card back for the next environment. Ideally henchmen will come out that will need defeating, and civilians that need saving. Fighting is done like mtg but with HP and Power. If you attack with 5 and his defense is 4 he takes one damage. If his defense is higher then you're attack he gets to counter with his attack ability vs your defense. There are ranged and melee type characters. Ranged can attack ranged, but melee can't attack ranged until all melee adversaries are taken out.

There are also different elemental types. Such as, in the power plant area, elemental and specifially charged elementals get a bonus when fighting there. I wanted it to feel more dynamic in that way.

You will get victory bonuses for the heroes you defeat and the civilians that you save. You match up one civilian to every henchman. To save civilians you must defeat the henchmen while the environment is beating down on you.

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the vs against the

the vs against the environment is a combined score of all supers active where as the battle between the henchmen is a 1v1.

the way to recuperate health/power (power being what's used to activate abilities) is to rest. Characters gain 1 point of HP per turn they are resting. BUT they are vulnerable for attack, and characters types like brutes get a very serious advantage against resting heroes.

the idea is let's say you have an environment that allows 3 heroes to be in it. The player who flips first can use one of his actions to move his hero in, while the next player can do so, and so does the third, the fourth player might start attacking another player's base in the hope of hindering him further or getting him to bring his hero back to protect his base and therefore leaving an opening in the crime/arena.

A couple of the arenas allow for as many characters as possible, but they won't convey rewards to the person who scored the most points in that arena. Let's say youre in the bomb in the police station event where tech characters get a plus 3/3 and ranged characters are not allowed because they might set off the bomb y'know? Whoever wins that particular arena gets the event card, in this case the event card let's you drop a bomb that allows you to eliminate a room from every one of your opponents. Also, henchmen will have different abilities as well, such as when the mastermind Zomboid comes into play, all the civilians act as henchmen due to his evil mind control powers.

I think this kind of gameplay will add a lot of dynamic and replayability to the game. Also, let's say your character isn't hurt because of his Super high defence, but he used his power twice and he needs to recharge, he would still need to go into the rest position in his room for two turns (if he has 2 power) to regain those powers back. Recovery characters recover one per turn anyways, but recover twice as fast when resting.

That's very handy.

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i thought about doing

i thought about doing something like the pokemon trading card game fighting mechanic. Where different powers ahve different mechanics and different dmg assigned to it. And the same resource cards you use for building would be used to power your attacks. This seems a whole ton simpler but IDK if it's necessarily better.


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Sometimes simpler is better.

Sometimes simpler is better, but it all depends on what you want out of the game.

If your game is meant to be for an audience aged 12+ with a shorter typical game play (ex 60 minutes or less), you will want to achieve that by having turns play faster, and that is done by less decisions and less complications (both of which are directly reflected by the depth and number of game mechanics).

So in terms of the resource cards idea, that's dependent on what you want out of your game.

I like the idea of a super hero board game quite a bit. It's definitely a different flavor that isn't nearly as prevalent as many other settings in the board game industry. The concept of having various locations, each made unique by their individual environmental rules, is a great idea. I'd like to see some of the more specific ideas you have to give more specific advice and feedback. I also like the idea of henchmen vs civilians; that forces the players to make a choice in terms of how they play their characters, creating fun and excitement because now the players must make a choice. If I were you, I'd give the variance between the civilians and henchmen a little more variance in terms of payouts of each by certain powers or superheroes. Maybe rescuing the civilian gives you a bonus for a duration whereas defeating a henchmen offers a different payoff.

I hope this help. I will try to keep up on it and provide more thoughts later, just as you are providing me with feedback on my game. The mutual support is beneficial to us both. =P


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Hey 20%, thanks for the read.

Hey 20%, thanks for the read.

I think that right now, the way it's set up is that way. Most of the civilians have a 1 time use ability that the player can choose to use by discarding the civilian, it's a point vs usefulness kinda thing. Also, most of the henchmen have some sort of bonus, like Zomboid, the mastermind of the attack on the base game turns all civilians into henchmen when he comes out. Where as when Zomboid's number two comes into place all the henchmen available get to attack and start going first in the rotation. Most of the bad guys have something like that, the most basic henchmen makes it harder to defeat a scenario if multiple heroes join. On the other hand, the good guys, like the cops you might draw will automatically replace the citizen if possible. But there are a couple of ones like, if the chief of police is lost because the crime ticks away before he can be saved, then the players suffer a negative condition of having 2 scenarios in play all the time. If the Mayor is lost then the game is over.

Most scenarios they have a one time use ability that can be played.

i think it's turning out pretty interesting.
I can get a you a prototype if you have some people you can test it with. If you wanna print it.

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