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BGDF Site Update : Phase 1 completed

Phase 1 of the site update has been completed, with one casualty, PM messages are at least temporarily lost. These *lost* PMs still exist in the database, but some software updates to the system is causing some random issues with the availability of the PMs. If you have any issues with OLD missing PMs please PM Zzzzz and all attempts will be made to resolve the issue.

Updates will be continuing through out the next few days, but the majority of the down time should be over with this Phase 1 update.

A message outlining the additional enhancements and changes will follow shortly, once a few additional tweaks are accomplished.

But for starters, besides the ability to DELETE PMs now, there will also be some access level changes that will allow members the ability to grant access to their content to other members. YES collaboration on game journals should be available shortly!

--BGDF Staff



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Forum Issue

Thank you Willi B! I screwed up a permissions setting an forum posts were being blocked giving some users


message. The issue should now be resolved!

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