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Bruno Faidutti's FAQ for Would-Be Game Authors

Game designer Bruno Faidutti, with more than 50 published games, offers some great advice about intellectual property issues, prototyping, finding publishers, and working with them. The article, originally published in the French game magazine Des Jeux sur un Plateau, can be found on his site.



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Thanks Bruno

This is a great article, and useful indeed. Glad to have this to point others to, when they ask.

I'm going to start pointing people at that.

Thanks for linking to it. Now I'll never have to explain away theft fears, describe appropriate prototype quality, or contacting publishers again.


Heh, I so wish. But yeah,

Heh, I so wish. But yeah, good to hear it from a very successful, established, and published designer, might seem more credible.

Most excellent!

Thank you, this should clear the way of paranoia.

paranoia will never die

benshelmars wrote:
Thank you, this should clear the way of paranoia.

Nah. The really paranoid people will see this and wonder why Bruno Faidutti is setting them up to have their game stolen.

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