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Since this is a new site I figured I would try to help make the transition easier by posting a few quick helpful items.

If you wish to find any blogs, images or game journal content you have posted, this is possible by accessing your *My account* page. Blogs were already handled by the system, but I have added a listing at the bottom of the user page that will contain your specific game journals and images. This should make finding your contributions to the site easier.

Likewise if you select another user (and view their user page) you will see game journals/images contributed by that user.

I have made changes to the Recent Topics (right bar), so it is a little more useful. It now contains the title/link to the posted content, number of comments in (), and whom was the last commenter. This side bar lists the last 20 most recent comments/posts for the forum, blog, image and game journal content. I am pointing this out since this is a little different from the other site, since we now have multiple types of content being monitored and listed in this side bar.




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.... Dig the case!

I have seen your changes made, good recent Topics are likely to do much greater points. For commenter what matter is good matter with multiple types of content. SO I think you have dig the case.

Sorting content on side bar

Would it be eventualy possible to sort the concent on the side bar by types of documents: Blog, Forum, Image, etc?

For images, having a mini thumbnail section, like on BGG, could be interesting. Sometimes a picture can cought the attention easily.

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