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PM Alert Feature

Hello Members,

At this time I have released a very simple PM Alert feature. If you have any new private messages within the last day, a simple alert message will be presented in the upper right bar location above the recent topics. It will take the format of

PM Alert
X messages in last day

At this time the implementation is VERY basic. I have to do some custom modifications to the module to support anything more robust.

You will also notice that the inbox should now present you with a formatted timestamp, as well as some other simple cleanup.

Stay tune for more changes!

The BGDF Staff


I'll provide that link. In

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Sounds good. Can you also

Sounds good.

Can you also change the Private Messages link on the left hand side to point to:

instead of to:

In it's current form, it just adds an extra step that acomplishes nothing, whereas the suggested change would show the PMs in the inbox along with the other existing options for the current link. It would be more functional that way.

Grim, While your idea sounds


While your idea sounds great, sadly directing it to the inbox would then cause an issue of being able to select write new!

I agree that the silly *blank* page has to go and such changes are in the works. But as I mentioned in the original posting of this *new feature/change* all other changes will require some additional modifications beyond quick basic changes.

As I said... stay tuned for additional changes! And thanks for you input!

Thank you for all you do.

Thank you for all you do.

Sweet! Great job, Dave.

That's great news. I hope all is going well with you!

Thank you

Much appreciated, Z!


Just trying to make the thankless task of site improvement a little more thankful.


Many, many thanks for the new features, Dave!

Simple as it may be, it is a great step forward, and I value it extra because I know how little free time you have right now, and how working on this to make the website better means neglecting your personal projects, including your game designs.


Many thx for the effort, was looking forward to this !


What a relief for such a "minor" feature.

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