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Private Messages - Update!

Private Message have been updated a 2nd time. At this time you will no longer see an option on the left hand navigation menu to select for Private Messages.

At this time there is now a Private Messages area located on the top right column. This area will display *recent* PMs alert as well as two icons :


If you select the first icon you will be taken to your inbox. If you select the second icon you will be taken to the write PM screen.

Again stay tune for additional changes..

The BGDF Staff



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It's a big improvement.

It's a big improvement.

Better and better!

Better and better! Thanks again!

There has also been some

There has also been some updates to the layout of the viewing of a PM. You might need to refresh to make sure the new CSS changes take effect, but I have modify the layout to allow for more room to display the message. The name, date and time of whom sent the PM is now all located in the right column (previously the name and date took up a column all to itself, which was a waste of space that should be used by the body of the message!)

There is also a new *reply*

There is also a new *reply* link located at the bottom of PMs.

This reply link will redirect you to the write new page, with the TO field pre-populated based on the PM you where viewing at the time. The reply ONLY supports single TO associations. If you desire to reply to multiple ppl you will still need to add in addition member names at this time.


Excellent work!

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