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Search Now Available!

There is now an option to search the site. Ok ok it took long enough, right?!?!?!

The search option is located in the lower left column. The location might change over time, but for now that is the location to find it.

At this time, the searchable content is updated based on a 2 hour window. So this means anything that is posted within two hours of the last search indexing, may not show up, until the next search indexing occurs.

At this time it seems that 2 hours is more than adequate, and hopefully the search indexing task is stable (since it has previously had issues).

Also, please note that on the search results screen, there are also advanced search options, as well as a method to search on users.

Thanks & Enjoy!

The BGDF Staff


I'll provide that link. In

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Another thanks for the new

Another thanks for the new feature!!

I'll play with the search-function a bit later, and will post the results.
It is fantastic to see how this prematurely newborn site is catching up on its own development!

Many thanks to all of the BGDF-staff!

PS: Zzzzz, please, please, please, don't get a heart-attack between too much work, life, this site and other stuff....


Search will be very helpful!

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