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1 Year and a horizon may be in reach.

It's been over a year since I've blogged. If you remember, I've been working on Dungeon Brawl for 5-6 years. FINALLY I got a big break. This year at SD Comic Con, I thumbed through the book for panels. I found a few interesting ones: Pitch panel and mentor panel.

The pitch panel went alright. I pitched just fine, if a little nervous. They didn't have much to say and gave no insight on where to go from there. The mentor panel was another story. A lot of "how to promote" mentors were there. The main boardgaming mentor didn't show BUT I spoke with a rep from Asmodee! I told him about the game and showed my demo copy. After the same ol' pitch and telling him what my boardgame endgame was, he said he was interested and wanted to see more the next day!

So we meet up, I bring out the game, and we go through a basic game. He's got the feel for it, we finish up, and he tells me things he would alter. There are some elements, I feel, are core to the enjoyment of the game. For sure, the UI of the cards needs to be cleaned up. On that, I can agree. He asks about changes to art, theme, and so on. I feel that the theme shouldn't change because Dungeon Brawl's combat mechanic was based around D&D, and I feel it would be lost if it were lawyers, or farmers, or whatever.

Anyway, he finally asks if I'll be at GenCon or anything. I say PAX Unplugged. He's like cool, send me a copy or a print and play. We'll try it out and I'll have an answer before PAX! HOLY CRAP! He also says, that if it's a no, he'll pass it over to a couple other BIG named companies to look over! Can you believe the luck??

I'm now in the process of building a new computer (thurs) so I can start rebalancing cards and cleaning up text. After that, I'll be sending a copy out and then wait with baited breath.



It's been a long, long road for you man. Congrats on this superb opportunity.

I'm debating on attending PAX Unplugged this year, but it would be cool to hear from you in person how things went. Best of success, Ramon. :)

Good stuff

If you keep on "plugging" and don't just "give up" because of one or even several set-backs, things could end up working in the end. TradeWorlds was the same... Crowdsale on TGC with only 30+ copies sold. Pitched to several Publishers, finally got a deal with Outer Limit Games, LLC.

Congrats on talking with Asmodee ... they are very big and have acquired several "smaller" publishers. Like I said, with them you have better odds that you will find someone "in their group" interested in Publishing the game.

Be open to change (as you were) but stand your ground when you feel it necessary (as you are).

Wishing you tons of success!

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