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1manstudio Website is live!


Hello respected BGDF community,
My name is Tobias (Fhizban) and I am active on BGDF since several years now. Although I dont talk much, i post a comment every now and then and provide my own designs to gather some feedback. After years of hobbyist boardgame design, I finally managed to build a website to host all my projects.

My biggest inspiration is Lloyd Krassner (warpspawn games) and his magnificent game collection. And so I try to build a game library myself. With one difference: Most of my games feature a really nice layout, downloadable PDF documents and many of them also have professionally done artworks.

This - of course - means that not all of my projects are free. As I earn my living with design, im not dependant on selling my games. But I guess, all of you understand that the provided artwork must be paid and I have to compensate these expenses.

To make a long story short: My website is now life and features several of my concepts so far, with two or three fully completed and playable games in there too. There is a ton of PDF downloads already available and more to come soon!

If you are interested in games, why dont you have a look?

-Tobias (alias Fhizban, from Germany)


Congratulations Tobias

Sounds great. Will look at your new website after this brief message. See you there sir. (Waves off and walks away).

Thanks for your feedback,

Thanks for your feedback, this keeps us (my artists and me) going!

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