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All class - why this little game is so good


Rarely do I have time to enjoy playing any Pocket Sports leisurely. Sounds odd? The bulk of play testing I do for games makes is purely to find faults, research terminology for real world actions to include and fix or amend in game rules. Recently, I taught a friend how to play Pocket Golf and saw the game with fresh new eye, so I wrote a bit on it!


I went to read the article

I went to read the article and it was blank on mobile, so I'll try to read it at a computer soon. The golf one was my personal favorite so Im interested to see the changes.

I know this goes against your dice/cards design but you know what would be amazing and really sell the theme? Changing out the dice for hexagonal golf pencils with each distance/text displayed on the sides of the pencils instead.

Woods = Brown
Irons = Grey
Wedge = Black
Putter = Green

It's all in the roll

IMO the linear roll of a pencil die wouldn't be as appealing to me personally....I do have a picture in my head though, of several coloured pencils sitting in a mini golf bag :)

Here's a better link

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