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Always work to be done

Poltergeist Paparazzi is in the process of having the production cost quoted by Ludofact while the artist tries to work out the board design.

To keep the production cost down as much as possible they requested an example of play so they know exactly how the components are used. This will allow them to suggest alternate materials.

With all the testing, rules re-writing and development you would think that this would be easy. It turned out it wasn’t.

What a player does on their turn is fairly simple to explain and is done in this order.

Take pictures or search for clues
Take free clue
Return used clues

What actually happens is that movement includes free actions, paid actions to move yourself and other pieces. It also includes the possibility of other players interrupting and taking an action.

I used a fairly complex turn so that I covered everything that could happen. After three hours of writing, re-writing and tweaking I ended up with 3 pages including board shots.

I guess my work won’t be done until this puppy is on store shelves.


got yer ass kicked, eh?

Dude - welcome to my world.

And congratulations on the follow-through!

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